Initial Consultation

During our Initial consultation which lasts 1.5 hours, I will assess your primary health concerns, how long you have been experiencing these and anything relevant that could be contributing to these symptoms.

I then assess the function of your body systems and evaluate your diet & lifestyle habits. I will gather a detailed report of your health history and aim to identify the underlying cause of your presenting symptoms.

You will be sent a health questionnaire form to fill out before seeing me, which we will go through together.

After dietary evaluation I will then proceed with iris analysis which is the study of the coloured part of the eye, analyse your tongue and fingernails.

Towards the completion of the initial consultation I will discuss with you the treatment priorities for you. This is where I will discuss with you suggested liquid herbs, supplements and dietary changes needed to improve your health issue.

I will also get an idea of your budget, as I work within the client’s limitations and make their tailored treatment plan affordable and convenient for them.

I encourage all my clients to take responsibility of their own health. Results will come with continued commitment and perseverance. The advice shared with you will require daily application and making small changes on a daily basis will certainly show in improved health and vitality.

I encourage you to make a commitment to your yourself and to your health improvements by valuing this one body you have been gifted. Feeling better will take time as you have probably been experiencing the unwanted symptoms for some time.

I liken the journey and share the analogy of planting a seedling. For this seedling to grown strong and flourish in all its glory, you need to spend time nurturing, planting, fertilising and watering with love and kindness on a daily basis.

Think of your body in the same way, you need to nurture with the foods that feed your body wholesome nutrition, provide your body with adequate sleep, exercise, hydrate yourself well during the day, have meaningful connection in your life, speak to yourself with loving kindness and I encourage you to nurture your creativity.

I look forward to assisting you on your health journey.