Your Body’s Second Brain – The Importance of Gut Health

“All disease begins in the gut” Hippocrates Did you know that healing the health of your gastrointestinal system can have major positive effects on your entire body, from mood, to memory and more. Healing your gut allows your body to build a stronger immune system and produce the right kind

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Natural remedies that support immunity and may help prevent the spread of Coronavirus

To date, researchers around the globe are scrambling to find a cure for COVID-19, which has already infected hundreds of thousands of people and claimed thousands of lives. But what if the key to staying healthy during a pandemic is strengthening your immunity with supplements and herbal remedies? Boosting your

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Lifestyle Habits to ensure Healthy Ageing

If you had a choice and could either age well with energy and vitality, free from disability & illness or age poorly with health issues which would you choose? You do actually have a choice and by making some changes that will greatly sway your chances in a positive direction

How are Herbs beneficial for the Respiratory System?

Herbs that support lung health typically do so by offering one or more of the following: • They may be an expectorant – which helps break up and expel congestion • Soothe irritated nasal passages & airways • Relax the muscles near the upper respiratory system to ease a cough