Equine Morning Tea

A small women’s morning tea held fortnightly with Anita’s horses at the stables in Duffy’s Forest. Be guided to a place of connection with these calming animals. 

As we connect deeply with the horses, with each other and with Mother Nature we;

  • come together to break through the outdated paradigm of competitiveness, perceived separation, and loneliness.
  • foster unconditional love, support, and affection.
  • lay ourselves open in all our vulnerability and perceived imperfections to love and be loved exactly as we are.
  • reconnect with the divine feminine that has been suppressed, degraded, and devalued.

and we realise we are not alone.  Now that the restrictions are being eased, it has allowed me to open the space to offer you another well awaited Equine Morning Tea, where we can come together to connect deeply with the horses, with each other and with Mother Nature.

Our Equine friends respond to your energy, intentions, actions and body language. They respond to the feeling state we show. Just being in their presence brings calm and healing. 

Join me and feel nurtured as we connect deeply with these majestic gentle creatures whilst sharing a cup of tea surrounded by Mother Nature.

To reserve your spot at the stables morning tea or be the first to know of new events, please telephone or complete your details below. Ph. 0411 221 271