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Nutrition is the science of food, the nutrients in foods and how the body uses those nutrients.It includes the process of ingestion, digestion, absorption, metabolism, storage and excretion of those nutrients. The six classes of nutrients include: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water.



Nutrition principles are applied throughout the life cycle from the time of conception to needs in the later years for older adults. Areas of nutrition emphasis include, pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and the "older" adult. The relationship between diet and health is strong.

Most health problems are a result of unhealthy lifestyle. Regrettably, rather than addressing health problems through education and understanding, our medical system gives people drugs to counteract their symptoms.

The approach I have to nutrition are no "quick fixes" to superficially cover up your symptoms but to support you in making natural lifestyle changes to restore and revitalize your body. Would you not rather regain your health by having an understanding of what type of foods you eat, the liquids you drink and the environment in which you live to make positive changes to your health.

You are the  only person who can make the lifestyle decisions that contribute to your well being. Your power lies in the healthy choices you make every day on your own behalf. If you act out of habit or fixed attitudes you may not be using your choices wisely to create wellness in your life. To create wellness you must expand your focus beyond mere physical health and :

- strive to balance and integrate your physical, emotional and dietary choices.

- gather information and make informed wellness - oriented choices

- actively participate in your health decisions and healing process

My aim is to support you in making healthy choices to suit your health conditions so that you may experience more energy, focus and peace in your daily life.